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Seed’s Valley Ecological Farm

Zoltán Dezsény will present MagosVölgy Ökológiai Gazdaság (Seed’s Valley Ecological Farm). The farm is a small scale privately own but community-driven market garden in a very poor, peripherical part of Hungary that provides healthy, fresh, organic food with the true and honest story behind to the people it nurtures.

The farm follows the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model, set on a trust-based, mutual commitment between the farm and its consumers (members). CSA members get a “seasonal share” of the harvest on the weekly basis all year. In return they pay “fixed membership fee” (regardless the supplied quantity) which is not the price of the veggies but collectively finances the operation. It tries to reconnect the often divided urban and rural world and its stakeholders through good food, experiences, value creation and want to make an attempt to contribute to the revitalization of the village experiencing serious socio-economic challenges.

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