The Program

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8:30 TO 9:00

Reception and Registration

Get your accreditation and a pack of goodies.

9:00 TO 9:30


A sweet introduction to two days of learning and connecting, dedicated to creating an impact.

Marko Gregović (Brodoto)
Teo Petričević (ACT Group)
Representative of Croatian government
Representative of US Embassy in Zagreb

Conference MC: Peter Hopwood (Hopwood Communications)

9:30 TO 10:00

Keynote: Many Forms of Social Impact - Ewa Konczal (EVPA)

How nonprofits, social enterprises and companies can all create social impact?

10:00 TO 11:00

Panel: How Companies can Create an Impact

How can private companies do good? Most importantly: in light of overwhelming social problems - what are they doing and are they doing enough? Hear what some of the leaders in corporate social responsibility have to say.

Jovana Mehandžić Đurđić (IKEA)
Mirjana Šakić (Erste Group Bank AG)
Martina Rizman Matić (Vipnet)
Ljudmila Bratko Gašpić (Heineken)
Lenka Puh (Etri Skupnost)

Moderator: Vladica Jovanović (Brodoto)

11:00 TO 11:30


Have a coffee, chat with strangers, make connections

11:30 TO 12:00

One on One: Social Impact Investing - Rod Schwartz (ClearlySo) & Tina Lee Odinsky-Zec (Zagreb School of Economics and Management)

One on one conversation that will set stage for the discussion on social impact investing and the ways it can change the nonprofit and social enterprise sectors.

12:00 TO 13:00

Panel: Social Impact Investing

What is the current state of social impact investing? How is it different from traditional investing? What type of investment can bring best social and financial returns?

Rohit Dave (Twilio Impact Fund)
Rod Schwartz (ClearlySo)
Primož Šporar (Sklad 05 Foundation for Social Investment)
Marta-Patricia Aparicio y Montesinos (Business Angel)
Dinko Novoselec

Moderator: Ewa Konczal (EVPA)

13:00 tO 14:00


14:00 TO 15:30

Social Business Pitching Forum

Social businesses from the region will pitch their business model to potential investors.
Ignite format: 5 minutes, 20 slides.

15:30 TO 16:00

One on One: Why Social in Social Enterprises - Peter Ptashko (GSEN) & Adrian Fuchs (FASE)

Social Enterprises are an interesting concept. But why are they important and what can we do to support them?

16:00 TO 17:00

Panel: Social Enterprises - the Future of Business?

Social enterprises have taken hold of the world's imagination. Is this something new and can social enterprises change the way we conduct business?

Zoran Puljić (Mozaik Foundation) 
Tadej Slapnik (State Secretary of the Republic of Slovenia)
Neven Marinović (SMART Kolektiv) 
Shkelzen Marku (Yunus Social Business Balkans)
Katarina Ivanković Knežević (Ministry of Labour and Pension System, Croatia)

Moderator: Ana Raguž (Impact Hub Zagreb)

17:00 TO 17:15

Jury Decision & Award to Social Enterprises

Jury: Rohit Dave (Twilio Impact Fund), Bistra Kumbaroska (Social Impact Award), Rod Schwartz (ClearlySo), Sasha Bezuhanova (MOVE.BG), Marta-Patricia Aparicio y Montesinos, Andreja Rosandić

17:15 TO 18:30

Tips & Coffee for Pitching Teams: How to Get Money and What to Do with It?

Miroslav Vrankić (E-Glas)

8:30 TO 9:00

Reception and Registration

9:00 TO 09:30

Keynote: Impact in Nonprofit World - Igor Vidačak (Faculty of Political Science, Zagreb)

Nonprofits and civil initiatives are an essential part of democratic society. How can we make them more impactful?

09:30 TO 10:30

Panel: How We Measure Impact?

Can we track and measure impact, especially in the world of nonprofits? What are innovative examples of organising that produce better results?

Darko Soković (Propulsion Fund)
Adam Richards (Social Value UK)
Aleksandra Vesić Antić (Catalyst)
Milan Medić (LEADER Network Croatia)
Roxana Damaschin-Tecu (NESsT)

Moderator: Vedran Horvat (Institute for Political Ecology)

10:30 TO 11:00


Have a coffee or just mingle and meet people who are changing the world.

11:00 TO 12:00

Panel: Impact & the Role of Foundations and International Stakeholders

What is the role of institutional grant-givers in creating impact? What are the best practices, what are the biggest challenges?

Aleksandra Tomanić (GIZ)
Biljana Dakić Đorđević (Trag Fondacija)
Max Brändle (Friedrich Ebert Foundation)
Igor Bandović (European Fund for the Balkans)
Antoaneta Ivanova (Western Balkans Fund)

Moderator: Peter Ptashko (GSEN)

12:00 TO 13:00

Panel: Movement, Nonprofit or International Organisations?

What is more impactful? Grassroots organisations, classical NGOs or international organisations? What can we learn from each-other?

Maja Pleić (Center for Peace Studies)
Valentina Otmačić (UNICEF)
Selena Kozakijević (Danish Refugee Council Serbia)
Zoran Tomić (Greenpeace)
Marija Matovska (Social Impact Lab/Mladiinfo International)

Moderator: Srđan Dvornik (Word of Advice)

13:00 TO 14:00

Pitch: Finalists of Best Nonprofit Campaign Competition

Who are the best campaigns from the region? What are overall winners in all the categories? It's time to find out. Ignite format: 5 minutes, 20 slides

14:00 TO 15:10


15:10 to 15:30

Announcement of the Winners

Who are the best campaigns in each SE country? Which are the overall winners in all categories? It's time to find out.

Jury: Martina Rizman Matić (Vipnet), Mirjana Matešić (HRPSOR), Igor Vidačak (Faculty of Political Science), Mario Aunedi Medek (Mediaval), Ana Šimunović (PR expert)

15:30 to 15:45

Closing ceremony


Why should you be here?

This is the only conference of its kind in SE Europe. But that's not the only reason to attend.


Number one rule of Impact 2018: no boredom. 20 minute presentations; 45 minute panels; 5 minute pitches!


Companies need nonprofits. Social enterprises need investors. Everyone that you need to meet will probably be here.


We hate conferences where you can't approach the speakers. We are making sure that all speakers are available for questions.

Carbon minimal

Special gifts for everyone arriving sustainably (bicycle / train / tram).


Every participant will receive a bag of goodies provided by our sponsors and partners.

Stay in Touch

All registered participants will get access to the contact database with all the participants (that approved this).

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