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Stoyana Stoeva

Partner and Co-founder at Social Tea House

Stoyana Stoeva is Cofounder of the Social Teahouse, a social enterprise, established in 2014, aiming to provide mentorship program and first (sheltered job) for youngsters with distance to the labor market. The initiative is dedicated to work with children without parental care, who grow up in state care institutions providing them with support in acquisition of personal and employability skills necessary for leading an independent and sustainable lifestyle. The Social Teahouse (fully operating since May 2016) is one of the unique practices in the field of the new generation social entrepreneurial initiatives in Bulgaria demonstrating sustainable approach in development of the sector through network of partnerships with the local and governmental administration, business and civil society. Stoyana has more than 6 years experience as volunteers for people from marginalized groups, and 4 years in volunteering for children and more than 10 years experience in non-governmental organizations. She is also one of the authors of Social innovation concept of Varna’s candidacy for European Youth Capital 2017, which won the notable title for the city and co-author of the guide How to start a Social Start Up for beginners (Varna, 2017).

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