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Predrag Borojević

Executive Director, Funky Guerila

Born in Bosanska Gradiška/Gradiška where he completed his elementary and secondary education. From early teenage days, he was involved in youth movements. He started his own youth NGO at the age of 15 and shortly after merged it to form the Gradiška Youth Organization where he was very active throughout his high school education. After moving to Banja Luka for English Language and Literature Studies, he continued to work in NGO sector and to promote alternative communities - primarily Banja Luka Couchsurfing community, worked for Banja Luka International Film Festival, and freelanced. Upon his return to Gradiška in 2010, he joined the newly formed Udruženje Most and started significantly contributing with his knowledge and experience. Until 2014, he had a role of project manager and international co-operation manager and in 2014, he takes the role of Executive Director of Udruženje Most. He quickly structures the organization and expands the team to 5 full time employees and with additional 4 full time international volunteers. Same year, he develops and establishes FG Group social enterprise owned by Udruženje Most where he also takes the director role. After 4 years of parallel managing of two institutions, as of January 2018 he focuses primarily on FG Group where he works at the moment as Executive Director, while still being active as Management Board Member of Udruženje Most.

Still passionate about social change and innovation but experienced enough to understand the  current state of affairs and conditions, Predrag seeks to take the FG Group to be the champion of social entrepreneurship in Bosnia & Herzegovina and potentially even beyond, additionally to provide viable evidence that social entrepreneurship ecosystem can work in practice

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