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Igor Stajic

Co-founder and Executive director of the NGO Educational Centre

Igor Stajic is co-founder and Executive director of the NGO Educational Centre (EDC), professionally committed to improving the social and economic status of marginalized groups and sustainable community development. Active in strengthening lobby and negotiation capacities of local social service providers in SE Europe region, through enhancing their professional capacities, sharing experience, good practices, and lobbying for encouraging legal framework. Co-founder of two social enterprises. In 2016 he has initiated Chrono ltd. which is producing mixtures of flour for unleavened bread and employing people from marginalized groups. At the moment, he is developing Inclusive Hotel as innovative tool for social inclusion, promotion and vulnerable group integration that will start its operation in Vrnjacka Banja, on March 01. 2019, as the first of its kind in Serbia.

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