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David Batstone

Senior Managing Partner, Just Business

David Batstone is a catalyst for driving positive change across the world. Working with entrepreneurs and investors to create forward-thinking companies that return dignity to people and planet, he is quietly leading a revolution in the way 21 st century business operates. A sought-after speaker and consultant to businesses and non-profits alike, David shares his unique model for developing successful enterprises that create opportunity for everyone. His ground-breaking work has earned him numerous awards, most recently UN Women for Peace Association has named him a 2017 Peace Award winner for his significant contributions to economic and social empowerment for communities at significant risk for exploitation. David is the visionary founder and Managing Director of Just Business a social impact investment firm. His portfolio of successful ventures includes REBBL - top organic beverage in the USA, Z Shoes an organic shoe company, and Not For Sale, a global anti-human trafficking organization. He is currently a professor in entrepreneurship and innovation at the School of Management, University of San Francisco, and was previously a private equity banker in the technology industry. David has authored five books, is the recipient of two national journalist awards, and was named National Endowment for the Humanities Chair at the University of San Francisco for his work in technology and ethics.

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