Invest for Impact

CEE Social Investors’ Meeting

18 February 2018, 18.30 – 21.00

At the first CEE Social Investors’ Meeting the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA), together with Brodoto and ACT Group and IMPACT Hub invites potential and experienced social investors to join the journey of investing for impact.

Luciano Balbo, seasoned private equity investor, founder and CEO of one of the first impact funds in Europe, will share his story of transitioning from traditional investment to investing for impact with Oltre Venture – setting up two impact funds totaling 50 mln EUR for social investment. He will also share some examples of Oltre’s investments.

We invite individuals, organizations or companies, interested in social investment - either in forming one or investing in an impact fund in the Balkans or locally, or directly supporting emerging social enterprises and entrepreneurs. You could be an individual or representative of an NGO, investment fund or any other type of vehicle interested in investing for impact.

Please note this meeting is a day ahead of the IMPACT conference in Belgrade!

The meeting is by subscription, with limited space. Should you be interested to join please email Damjan Raic ( to sign up.

About Luciano Balbo

Entrepreneur with a 20 years of experience in Venture Capital and Private Equity, Luciano founded Oltre Venture in 2006. Prior to Oltre, Luciano gained a multi-year, active experience in the social sector with Oltre Foundation, the first Italian Venture Philanthropy Foundation established in 2002.In 1988 Luciano Balbo co-founded B&S Private Equity, one of the most successful Italian operators among its peers. Previously, he also served as General Director at Finnova (SO.PA.F spa), the first Venture Capital Company in Italy. Moreover, Luciano counts on 9 years of managerial experience in major companies active in the chemical and steel sector. Graduated in Physics at Università degli Studi (Milan, Italy), he holds an MBA from Bocconi University (Milan, Italy).

About EVPA

The European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) is a leading organization supporting socialinvestors and grantmakers connect and learn from each other in their pursuit of deeper societalimpact. EVPA is a true learning organisation that fosters a European movement and promotes newways to tackle social and collective needs. Every day, it aims to (co-)create a well-functioning eco-system for societal impact. By increasing funding and expertise coming into the venture philanthropyand social Investment space, EVPA boosts the effectiveness of venture philanthropists and socialInvestors. All EVPA members work together to promote and shape the future of venturephilanthropy and social investment in Europe and beyond. Over 270 members from over 30 countries connect through our events and activities, to share bestpractices and a common vision. At EVPA we share, collaborate and make projects grow.

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